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    What is Pick-By-Light

    What is Pick-to-Light?

    Pick-to-light, also known as Pick-by-Light (PbL), is a light-directed system that shows a warehouse picker the exact location of the item and the number of items they need to pick. Pick-to-light systems can help operators accurately pick over 450 items per hour.

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    What is Pick-by-Paper?

    Pick-by-Paper is the oldest and most common method of item picking and works just as it sounds: associates fulfill orders by picking items from a paper list.

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    Purchase Path Deep Dive: Office Depot

    Purchase Path Deep Dive: Office Depot

    There are several important aspects of having a successful buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) experience, starting with the obvious: how easy it is for a customer to make the purchase online - all the way through when they pick up the items in-store. Messing up even one small step in between could cause cart abandonment, the wrong item being selected, or customers arriving at the wrong pickup point, all resulting in frustrated customers. 

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    A Guide to BOPIS Supply Chain Management Solutions

    A Retailer's Guide to BOPIS Supply Chain Management Solutions

    If the rapid deployment of vaccines across the country is any indication, life will soon return to normal. This means that mall-based retail stores and other businesses are going to begin to open up and operate at full or near-full capacity.   

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