Ox: A New Way Forward

We have a new name: Ox!

Oculogx has always been a tough word to pronounce. It sounds like if an engineering student tried to come up with the name of a tech startup: and to be fair, that’s exactly what happened.

In 2017, I was working at Martin-Brower, which handled the Supply Chain for McDonald’s North America. It was my first job, and it was also my first look at a high-performing supply chain. I learned a lot that summer, but I was also intrigued by the prospect of entrepreneurship. I spent my time after work at Entrepreneurs’ Night at ATDC, the Georgia Tech incubator. I loved the experience of networking with entrepreneurs building game changing technology, and plus - there was free pizza.

I also spent a lot of time doodling on sticky notes trying to find the perfect name for my then-imaginary company. If you’re wondering what the origin is, it was a mixture of “Ocu” as in “eye” and Log(x) which is the inverse of exponential growth. Plus log(x) sounds a little bit like logistics. Cheesy, right? But hey, it wasn’t trademarked, and the domain was available. In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the best way to name a company.

Over the years, we’ve gotten multiple creative pronunciations and spellings like OcuLox, Oculogyx, or Oculus. It became clear that Oculogx wasn’t sticking. As we’ve grown, and become a more mature company, we decided it would probably be best to change our name and brand to reflect who we are today. About a year ago, our teammate Viktor started short handing us as “Ocx”, and it caught on pretty quickly.

The Ox is an incredibly tough and powerful animal. Oxen are traditionally used for hauling cargo, and they work best in a team. We thought the Ox is a perfect way to describe what we do. We build strong, enterprise-grade software that enables retailers to outperform by transforming their stores into micro distribution centers.

2021 is the year of the Ox. You should be bullish on us! ;)