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How to Use Micro Fulfillment Centers For Last Mile Delivery

How to Use Micro Fulfillment Centers For Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery refers to the final stretch of time and space an order travels from a warehouse, transportation hub, retail location, or fulfillment center to its final destination. Last mile delivery accounts for around 28% of the total product transportation costs - which makes it easy to see how businesses spent over $86B on last-mile delivery in 2017.

One of the first companies than come to mind with last mile delivery is Instacart, who recently announced plans to provide 30 minutes or less grocery delivery. Gorillas is doing it in 10 minutes. As the competition for speed and efficiency is heating up, retailers are scrambling to figure out how to scale it without breaking the bank.

Not only can micro fulfillment centers get items to your customers faster, they can help you save money while doing it. In fact, micro-fulfillment solutions reduce costs associated with an order by 75% when compared with manual picking of the order. Let's take a look at what a micro fulfillment center is, how to use them, and who is using them effectively.

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4 Fulfillment Trends to Pursue in 2021 and Beyond

Over the last year, retailers have had their resiliency and supply chains tested in response to COVID. As online orders surged with stay-at-home mandates, companies struggled to meet demand with a decreased workforce and broken supply chain. Over a year later, as cities open back up, many retailers are wondering "what's next?"

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What is voice picking

What is Voice Picking?

Voice picking, also known as voice-directed picking and Pick-by-Voice (PbV), is a super-efficient hands-free order picking method where the picking associate wears a microphone-equipped headset, used to verify items and their quantities. The multi-modal functions mean that 2-way communication is often enabled, so pickers can respond to operator queries when necessary. This high-demand picking method is being adopted by retail distribution centers.

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What is Vision Picking

What is Vision Picking?

Also known as pick-by-vision, this contemporary approach to warehouse picking works by providing order pickers with guided visual cues projected on their Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) throughout the picking journey. If there’s an error, the mistake is flagged and the picker can correct it immediately. This saves retailers from making costly mistakes brought on by returned orders. 

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