What is Voice Picking?

Voice picking, also known as voice-directed picking and Pick-by-Voice (PbV), is a super-efficient hands-free order picking method where the picking associate wears a microphone-equipped headset, used to verify items and their quantities. The multi-modal functions mean that 2-way communication is often enabled, so pickers can respond to operator queries when necessary. This high-demand picking method is being adopted by retail distribution centers.

Voice picking is a favorite for many retail warehouse operations because of its many advantages. These include:

  • Improved picking accuracy by as much as 85 percent in surveyed distribution centers –overall, voice picking has a very low error rate; usually around 0.08 percent
  • Voice picking platforms are designed to be easily integrated into your current warehouse management, order management, inventory management, and supply chain systems
  • Easy to use as they a shorter learning curve and require very minimal training
  • Eliminates the need for a paper-based picking process
  • Optimizes the order picker’s pick path –this means less travel time and faster order picking
  • Increases warehouse workers’ productivity –workers tend to pick more items with high accuracy when they don’t have to multitask
  • Lowers employee turnover – workers are generally happier when the picking process is simplified, their safety is assured and their error rates are down
  • Reduces the risk of injury which is typically caused by distractions on the warehouse floor

Compare Voice Picking to Paper PickingPick-by-Light, and Vision Picking.